GWR Wagon Pack – British Railways update.

The GWR Wagon Pack has been upgraded FREE to all current users, who will be receiving an update shortly.

The pack includes a BR version of all the wagons, 2 in the case of the FruitD : Crimson and Bauxite.


Compound Audio Patch Released.

A patch has been released for the Compound to lower the pitch of the whistle. This patch can be found in the Downloads/Patches area of the site. The instructions for install are in the zip file.

43xx Tender Crest Patch Released

A patch has been released to correct an issue with the 43xx’s tender.  Due to a naming conflict the late crest would not show on the lined green tender – this has now been corrected.  This patch can be found in the Downloads/Patches area of the site.  The instructions for install are in the file description.

New Project – Caledonian 492 Class

One of our newest lads here at DT has started a new project of the Caledonian Railway 492 Class. There were six of these engines that were ever built in 1903. For many years No 496 was shedded at Dundee & was mainly employed banking goods trains on the Newtyle Line. The remainder of the class were divided between Motherwell & Hamilton and could take slightly heavier trains than the 812 class, e.g., an extra three loaded 10-ton wagons or an additional five empty wagons on the Lesmahagow New Line. Most of their time was spent on short distance work. The Motherwell engines ran several return trips daily to Lanarkshire Steel Works & Strathaven Jct, and between Milinwood Colliery and such centres as Mossend Bank and the Coltness & Clydesdale iron works. Those at Hamilton ran between Ross Jct & Coltness, and Ross Jct and Alton Heights. Unfortunately, none of the class survived and were all were scapped in the late 1930s. No release date has been put on it yet but Kris expects to have it ready soon.

GNR N2 Tank Loco now available for Pre-Order

Our forthcoming GNR N2 Tank Loco pack is now available at £9.99 instead of the usual £11.99 on release.

Pre-order customers will also receive their loco first on release. The item will then be available via Steam Sounds Supreme.

Head over to the products page for more!


GWR Wagon Pack 1

Just released GWR Wagon Pack 1 – Hop over to the products page to grab your copy!


GWR Cordon, GWR 20T Hopper, GWR Milk Brake, GWR Gunpowder Van, GWR Fruit D Van

Collett Goods released!

The GWR Collett Goods loco is now available over at Steam Sounds Supreme. They will be marketing this loco in return for some of the wonderful sound packs they have done for many of our locos.

GWR 43xx Add Pack


Now released, containing six extra liveries for this loco

  • BR Plain Green
  • BR Plain Black
  • BR Serif “British Railways” in Green
  • BR Gill Sans “British Railways” in Black
  • BR Late Crest Lined Green
  • BR Late Crest Lined Black

Pop over to our 43xx products page for more!


GWR 43xx now released!

Our brand new GWR 43xx is now released and can be found on the products page!

Bulleid coach pack just released

Yours for just £5.99, includes interiors and 5 models in two liveries. Please see our products pages.