GWR Wagon Pack 1

Just released GWR Wagon Pack 1 – Hop over to the products page to grab your copy!


GWR Cordon, GWR 20T Hopper, GWR Milk Brake, GWR Gunpowder Van, GWR Fruit D Van

Collett Goods released!

The GWR Collett Goods loco is now available over at Steam Sounds Supreme. They will be marketing this loco in return for some of the wonderful sound packs they have done for many of our locos.

GWR 43xx Add Pack


Now released, containing six extra liveries for this loco

  • BR Plain Green
  • BR Plain Black
  • BR Serif “British Railways” in Green
  • BR Gill Sans “British Railways” in Black
  • BR Late Crest Lined Green
  • BR Late Crest Lined Black

Pop over to our 43xx products page for more!


GWR 43xx now released!

Our brand new GWR 43xx is now released and can be found on the products page!

Bulleid coach pack just released

Yours for just £5.99, includes interiors and 5 models in two liveries. Please see our products pages.

New LMS Compound with upgrade options

Just released! Upgraded loco includes brand new shaders and textures, plus 8 new carriage vehicles. We have also provided an upgrade option for users of version 1. We will add further improvements for free to this loco in 2015, such as new scripted effects.

Please see the products page for further details.

LMS 3F additional liveries now released

Get additional liveries for your LMS 3F loco pack: LMS pre-1928, Post 1928 and Midland railway, plus brake van. Priced at £2.99. Please see the LMS 3F product page.

Just released: Wagon Pack 3

A selection of 6 wagons for just £5.99, please see our products page!

Extra liveries for SR M7 Loco

Just released are brand new liveries for our SR M7!

These include:

  • SR Wartime Black
  • SR Malachite
  • LSWR Lined Green
  • LSWR Pea Green

You must own the M7 to use these and they are priced at £2.99. These are available from the M7 products page.


SR Van Pack just released!

Contains 4 vehicles in 3 different liveries: 12 models altogether for just £4,99! Pop over to the products pages for yours!