Just released: Our LSWR carriage pack!

4 unique vehicles in 2 liveries can be found on the products/Stock page.

Caledonian Railway 600 Class

Another new product (with plenty more to come) this fabulous Caledonian 600 class is a must for freight fans north of the border. Grab yours now for £12.99 from our products page.

Milk Train Wagon Pack now released

22 wagons, 4 types in up to 6 liveries, bonus creamery scenery model, quick drives and scenarios. The product is available from out products/stock page priced £6.99

Caledonian Railway 812 Class released

Just released by Digital Traction, from developer Victorian Lad, is the Caledonian 812 class locomotive!

A fully featured pack, featuring 18 liveries, multiple scenarios and quick drives is available from our products page.

Customer Accounts

We’ve now added customer accounts, where you can see the full list of your orders if you need to download again.

You do not need an account to order, this is an optional service. You will invited to start an account with your first order. If you are an existing customer use the email you ordered our products with and click forgotten password

Please find account options under contact us/customer accounts.

Add 20 more coaches and 6 more locos to your N2 collection

Just released, the BR GNR N2 Add-Pack!

6 new locos: BR Early Crest, BR Early Crest Weathered, BR Gill Sans Lined, BR Gill Sans Unlined, BR Late Crest and “Railway Children” LNER locos.

20 new coaches, making the rest of the sets of the GN Suburban trains: 4 new models in 3 livery and 8 new repaints in Crimson and Maroon.

Head to the Products page/N2 Loco for yours, priced £5.99!

DT Caledonian Wagon Pack

A new selection of wagons from Train Sim developer Kris Wilson aka Victorian Lad. This fine selection is available on the stock section of the products page, priced £5.99.

CR 123 Loco Pack released!

Built by an American, programmed by a Welshman, researched in Scotland where the prototype is located, with sounds edited in the Isle of Wight, hauling stock built in England: Elegantly styled CR 123 loco is now released in multiple new liveries, with brand new CR coaches, custom sounds and more. Please see our product page for details.

N2 released!

The GNR N2 is now released for pre-order customers and is now available to purchase from the products page.

Adams Radial Announced!

Digital Traction is proud to present LSWR Adams Radial locomotive. The loco will be due Summer 2017.