GWR County 4-4-0 Coming soon

The GWR County 4-4-4 will be released soon.

Metropolitan Wagon pack out now!

5 Unique wagons are available to purchase in our new Metropolitan Wagon Pack! Please find on the products page under stock, priced £5.99

Fish Train pack now released!

Our Fish train pack, consisting of 16 vehicles can now be downloaded from the product pages. Containing the famous Blue Spot and Bogie Fish vans, this is priced at £5.99.

DT J70 Loco and Stock Bundle

You can now purchase the combined Wisbech and Upwell stock pack for £19.99: Locos in over 20 liveries plus over 30 items of stock with many unique vehicles.

Wisbech Upwell Stock pack now released!

Our Wisbech and Upwell Stock Pack is now released priced £7.99!

Over 30 vehicles are included with many unique designs and multiple liveries.

J70 loco now released!

20 different liveries and variants make up this extensive pack, includes opening doors and windows, various cowcatcher and skirt settings, steam chest, speed governor, 60 quick drives and much more. Yours for £14.99 from the products page!

Coming soon more locos and stock from our Wisbech and Upwell series!

L&Y A Class now available

Our L&Y A class is now available to purchase, costing £11.99. Featuring 4 liveries, scenarios, features such as steam chest and more.

MR Spinner now released!

Our MR Spinner is now released over om the products pages. Featuring 5 liveries and 4 MR Clerestory coaches in LMS, MR and BR versions. Price £14.99.

Digital Traction announces Midland Railway “Double Johnson” Spinner Loco

This loco is due in March/April and will feature the unique Midland Railway bogie tender.

British Railways Wagon Pack 5 Launched!

Some splendid wagons from the 1950s/60s are now available to purchase: 6 vehicles, in 3 levels of weathering can be found on our products pages priced £7.99.