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A completely different model from our railcar pack 1, though in reality it shares similar engines. These units were developed in the 1930s by Hardy company of Southall, London. They were aimed at business travellers and were equipped with on board bars. The pack can be found under Diesel locos for £11.99.

J70 loco now released!

20 different liveries and variants make up this extensive pack, includes opening doors and windows, various cowcatcher and skirt settings, steam chest, speed governor, 60 quick drives and much more. Yours for £14.99 from the products page!

Coming soon more locos and stock from our Wisbech and Upwell series!

MR Spinner now released!

Our MR Spinner is now released over om the products pages. Featuring 5 liveries and 4 MR Clerestory coaches in LMS, MR and BR versions. Price £14.99.