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DT GWR Railcar Pack 1 “1940s Razor Edge”

The GWR railcars from the 1940s were a series of trains built by the Great Western Railway (GWR) over a seven-year period. These railcars were designed to provide a more efficient and comfortable mode of transportation for passengers.

The GWR railcars featured a diesel-powered engine, which was a significant advancement at the time. They were built at the Swindon and Southall workshops and were known for their reliability and smooth operation.

The saloons of the GWR railcars had a seating capacity for 48 passengers. The interiors were finished with colored rexine and polished mahogany moldings, providing a stylish and comfortable environment for passengers.

These railcars played a crucial role in reversing the declining trend of rail travel during that period. They offered a convenient and modern alternative to traditional steam locomotives, making train travel more accessible and appealing to passengers.

Today, some of these GWR railcars from the 1940s are still operational and can be seen at places like the Didcot Railway Centre. They serve as a reminder of the innovation and progress made in railway transportation during that era.

We have included a parcels variant in Carmine and GWR chocolate and cream as well as the twinsets including a 1930s art deco bar car! A 70 foot Collett coach is also included for those express runs with excess passengers!


  • Quickdrives
  • 16 vehicles featuring single car passenger vehicles, twin sets, parcels cars in 3 liveries (Chocolate Cream, Carmine Cream, BR Green) and 70ft Collett coach in Chocolate Cream, BR Green and Carmine.
  • 3 In-depth Scenarios for DTG Falmouth and Riviera in the 50s route.
  • New Custom Sounds
  • Advanced Scripting, Particle Effects.
  • Custom Cab with Extensive Controls
  • Multiple Camera View inc Passenger view


  • Build Date: 1934-1942
  • Total Built: 38
  • Length: 65 foot 8 inches for single car.
  • Wheel Size: 6ft 6in
  • Fuel Capacity 2 x 45 gallons.
  • Tractive Effort:  2 x 105HP (78KW)

PRICE: £14.99


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