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GWR 43xx Loco

The GWR 43xx originally appeared in 1911, as a direct result of Churchwards trip to the USA.  Widely recognised as the first mixed-traffic engine in Britain, this successful class lasted until the end of steam on the Western Region.



  • Quick Drive Compatible
  • Custom Cab
  • Custom Sounds from Steam Sounds Supreme
  • Variety of Liveries: BR Black, BR Green, GWR lined Green, GWR Plain Green, ROD livery.
  • Advanced Scripted effects




  • Build Dates: 1911-1932
  • Total Built:342
  • Wheel Arrangement: 2-6-0
  • Length: 58ft 1.25 inches
  • Weight: 62 tons, 0 cwt
  • Number of Cylinders: Two inside
  • Cylinder Size: 18.5 x 30 in
  • Coal Capacity: 7 tons 0 cwt
  • Water Capacity: 3,500 imp gal
  • Designer: George Jackson Churchward


Price: £9.99


You can buy 6 extra liveries for this loco, for just £2.99 Including:


  • BR Plain Black Gill Sans
  • BR Plain Black Early Crest
  • BR Plain Black GW Serif
  • BR Plain Green Early Crest
  • BR Lined Black Late Crest
  • BR Lined Green Late Crest